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Modafinil, or perpetuating insomnia - 22 June, 2007
Ben says
What do you guys think about the drug that has just been released by the FDA (Modafinil) that can basically allow you to be up 22 hours a day and grab 2 hours of sleep and feel fine. Doctors, nurses, soldiers, programmers are all recommended to take it.

I have read stories of programers taking it for many years and sayin they love it because it allows them to have an extra 9 hours over everyone else... I personally am in favor of it.

Anything that allows us to extend or waking life is great IMHO. As for the side affects of a lack of sleep the same company is working on a companion drug that would stimulate the beneficial biological/physical affects of sleep while you are awake... truly the one two punch
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QuantumBeep says
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That's really scary, for the simple reason that lots and lots of people (probably including myself) are going to use it and love it before it's had time to mature. Invariably, new side effects become visible when a product hits the mass market.

Now we guys will have no excuse for falling asleep afterwards.

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Re(V)aN says
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so theoretically you could stay awake for a week, just take the pill that gives you the beneficial side effects, and then close your eyes for a half hour every once in a while to resalinate your eyeballs?

given that a third of one's life is spent sleeping, this could very much boost productivity. its kinda scary. goodbye, overnight lan parties. hello, 72 hour lan parties.
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Eclipse, Yue says
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*drools at the thought of 72 hour lan parties*
I am leaning in favor of it time pending. I would really want to know the side effects and such first.
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