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The sleepless souls of the world. Discusses causes, positives, negatives, and if 'solutions' to insomnia are needed (i.e. is insomnia produced by computers necessarily a bad thing?)

Modafinil, or perpetuating insomnia ( 3 replies )
What do you guys think about the drug that has just been released by the FDA (Modafinil) that can basically allow you to be up 22 hours a day and grab 2 hours of sleep and feel fine. Doctors, nurses, soldiers, programmers are all recommended to take it. I have read stories of programers taking it for many years and sayin they love it because it allows them to have an extra 9 hours over everyone else... I personally am in favor of it. Anything that allows us to exte...Click Here | By Ben
Prescription sleep aids ( 8 replies )
After trying out Requip and Desryl and finding that neither helped me get to sleep without complications, I have a 12-day trial pack of Rozerem. I'm going to start taking it tommorow. Hopefully it works for me. The topic for discussion here is: What prescription sleep aids have you tried to combat insomnia? What worked or didnt work? Any reccomendations if the Rozerem is no good?...Click Here | By kofrad
How many of you feel insomnia is an OK thing or even a fun thing ( 13 replies )
Topic post has been deleted by the author....Click Here | By Ben
Do you have any good tips for calming the mind down for sleep? ( 35 replies )
For some reason the best trick I have found is one to imagine if I was superman. I know this sounds funny but stick with me, I start thinking about flying and seeing the world, and the concentration of this interesting subject calms the rest of the storm that is my consciousness, and then because it is such a calming thought I usually drift right off to sleep. Another method I have heard is to imagine you are polishing your silverware, to concentrate until you can imagine e...Click Here | By Constantine
Overactivity (Insomnia) ( 20 replies )
When I was younger, I used to spend alot of time on the computer (not really by choice, but it's all I had on the farm). I would often spend 6-10 hours a day on it, well into the night. It brought about a strange, mixed up feeling in my head. I couldn't go to sleep, and when I did, it's because I took some drug for it (I was going to a mental health place and a sleep counselor for a while). I was wondering if anyone else experiences that sort of sensation: where you constantly need information b...Click Here | By Tom


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