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Traditional Satanists & Demonology - 04 November, 2006
Jawad Shuaib says
Modern Satanists donot actually believe in a satan, however, they support the qualities of satan conceptually.

Traditional Satanists, however, actually do believe and worship satan. And Demonologists worship demons. The question it raises for me is that since they believe in satan and demons, do they not also believe in God? How can you believe in one without the other?
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Romulo says
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I guess, jawad, the question is in what are they focusing

Like, There were countless societies worshiping the ego or the body through the ages and all.. but worshiping the ego, even subconsciously they're acknowledging something.. pure?
or, worshiping the body, they're saying 'there may be something bigger, but we don't care. flesh is what matters'

with these religious satanists or demonologists, I'd say it's similar: they choose to worship a part of a whole; or supposedly whole.
catholics would say they're worshiping the enemies of god, or something..
I'd say even catholics are worshiping a part of a whole
... and both sides acknowledges both, got my confusing point?
- 04 November, 2006
B A B B A R says
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whats a satan?
- 07 November, 2006
B A B B A R says
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is it same as "Shaitan" in Hindi /Urdu?
- 07 November, 2006
Jawad Shuaib says
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Romulo, I never thought about it that way but I think I understand now. My views on another person's beliefs are relative to what I believe myself. One man's angel is another man's satan. Good point.

Babbar, Shaitan = Satan :/
- 09 November, 2006
Hammaad Alvi says
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If a monotheist considers the set of creator & creation in the ultimate realm, he'd become a panentheist with a different object of worship/love (?). Anyway, that creed Jawad mentioned is called Theistic Satanism. I found this interesting:
"...all theistic Satanists have had profound spiritual experiences involving Satan, yet regard at least some aspects of Christian theology as absurd. Hence we all must reinterpret the figure of Satan somehow. Even those who claim to be "Bible based" theistic Satanists reinterpret Christian theology enough so that they can see Satan as having at least a chance - if not a guarantee - of winning. So, on what reasonable basis can we classify some interpretations as 'true Satanism' and others as not 'true Satanism'? I see no good way to draw the line without getting into endless bickering. Furthermore, in my opinion, none of us can really be sure of our interpretation. Hence my preference for an inclusive definition." - Diane Vera (before this, s/he had said, "a theistic Satanist is anyone who reveres Satan as a deity.")
- 10 November, 2006