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Male 21
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Zen Buddhist Brazil
Karma: 65.9
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I am fading in Madness
A toast to my beliefs!

Now I can clearly see
Agora separo claramente

Two me..
Dois eus.

One, social.. quiet.. responsible..
O eu sociável, quieto e responsável
And this one, now
E esse agora,
Fully into madness!
Entregue à loucura.
Absolutely in love with passion!
Apaixonado pela paixão
In love with the poet
Pelo poeta

And with Poetry
e pela poesia
Misticism, Occultism, Martial Arts, Dance, Engineering, Reeeeeading

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu
Ballroom Dancing
Jogging (seldom)
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woah yes! You know, I actually saw you in a dream yesterday Think it's a sign we should get married :0...(more - reply)