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This is for anyone and everyone who wants to know more about Quantum Mechanics, the branch of physics which is still mysterious and unknown to some extant

Quantum Spacetime ( 8 replies )
Just an idea that's been bubbling over in my head for a while: If general relativity is to be reconciled with quantum mechanics, would it be reasonable to assume (as space and time are more or less the same thing in relativity) that spacetime itself must be a quantum phenomenon? I think this would imply that virtual particles are sort of halfway between these quantum areas of space and "real" particles. I haven't really followed through on this maths-wise, but I think that it woul...Click Here | By Viczy
Quantum cosmology ( 17 replies )
I've recently read some papers on quantum cosmology and they all leave me with one question on my mind. If we describe the universe as a quantum system, then no outside observer can "collapse our wave function." Why, then, is the distribution of matter not mostly constant? Instead it is all grouped together into galaxies and even further into stars. Any thoughts?...Click Here | By Joe
Is the universe conscious? ( 56 replies )
Flip a coin 100 times, and it will fall heads up half those times. What intrigues me is that the coin could've just as easily fallen over the other side on each attempt. This raises the question; how did the universe know the correct probabilistic outcome? A computer simulation of this experiment would involve the software to store and retrieve the previous set of information regarding the coin's state from its temporary memo...Click Here | By Admin Jawad
Is String Theory Hocus Pocus? ( 14 replies )
Many implications of this M-Theory seem to be a bit twisted. For example, as a direct consequence of the string theory some theorists predict that there could be parallel universes just adjacent to ours. Moreover, the theory requires that the Universe by 11 Dimensional. There are many other disturbing attributes to the string theory. Which raises the question: Is String Theory even science if it cannot be proven through observable means? ...Click Here | By Admin Jawad


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