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Male 14
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Hindu New Delhi
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Well i am human being to start off with. then i like Physics a lot. and then i like the language of nature that is mathematics. i am a really fan of Albert Einstein and then i really admire the work of Richard Feynman. The field of Quantum Mechanics really attracts me a lot

I am a really good quizzer and i really like to quiz a lot. well i have a lot of prizes from quizzing under my belt.
Theoretical Physics Cryptography, Harry Potter.
Harry Potter collection, Issac Asimov collection, LOTR, The Da Vinci Code,
People I look up to:
Albert Einstein, My sanskrit teacher Mrs. Upreeti.
Geeky Habits:
Waking up late in the morning. lecturing everybody about The Speed of light and tehn everything abt Theoretical Physics i know.
Admin Jawad says
Hey Scary guy, are you seriously 13 years old and interested in Quantum Physics?...(more - reply)