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A renewed socialism - 19 February, 2011
plutokid says

Do you noticed the debate about the computer socialism ? The main figures argue that it is possible to allocate ressources more efficient with modern information and communication technology ?

Hayek argue that market is always more efficient than a plan, because of the difficulty of the solution of many coupled differential equations.

In mathematical economics there was a big debate about marxist economy in Cambridge.

The computer socialist discover terms and knowledge of game theory, econophysics and complex adaptive systems.

The most aggressive opposition against neo-classic is rooted in experimental economics, development economics, evolutionary economics and a small group of people who wants to use terms from statistical physics to explain economic growth and innovation.

Many marxists are into exploration of the link to existentialism, Freud, psychology, literature, culture and philosophy.

There is a lack of theories to construct an economic system after the revolution. These people have a tendency to attribute everything to the realm of politics and quarrel in the revolution.

An introduction by Paul Cockshott

Towards a new socialism:


His work is list in Google Scholars.
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