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I hope this community could eventually evolve into a discussion forum for the revolutionary left, but until then, please post questions and spark debates.

A renewed socialism ( 0 replies )
Hi, Do you noticed the debate about the computer socialism ? The main figures argue that it is possible to allocate ressources more efficient with modern information and communication technology ? Hayek argue that market is always more efficient than a plan, because of the difficulty of the solution of many coupled differential equations. In mathematical economics there was a big debate about marxist economy in Cambridge. The computer s...Click Here | By plutokid
George Orwell: "Good Writer" or Propagandist? ( 32 replies )
Ever wonder why two of George Orwell's novels (Animal Farm and 1984) are in the "approved"/compulsory reading lists for high school students throughout the English-speaking world? Certainly ...Click Here | By RedStar
The Communist Manifestoon ( 2 replies )
The Communist Manifestoon It's about time. ...Click Here | By RedStar
Is historicism impoverished? ( 40 replies )
Well, is it? Karl Popper thought so, and I kind of think so, too. Can a centrally planned economy predict the future or only repeat the past? Is there an organic succession of developments in history that can be quantified and predicted? Is history deterministic? Should we even bother? ...Click Here | By gregmills


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