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About Shuzak - 25 June, 2008
poss says
How is shuzak different to every other social network?

is there a difference?

What do you want it to be?

I am especially interested in what Jawad has to say on this.
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Jawad Shuaib says
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Back in 2004, I got my first glimpse of the powerful nature of social networks. I had just started using my first social network, Orkut, which had helped me get back in touch with many of my friends from Pakistan (I live in Canada). Prior to Orkut, I had been part of many BB forums. Over time, the trend towards user collaborated environments began ever more obvious.

One thing that I found disappointing on other networks was the lack of usefulness. As time passed, my experience with other networks began to deteriorate as it was difficult to find like minded people over these generic social networks.

Shuzak was born out of the idea that we could leverage the power of social networks for something more than just hitting on random girls. I think one thing we all did particularly well with Shuzak was building the geek community. It is Shuzak's community that I cherish. Despite Shuzak's shortcomings, a few good men and women made this place worth the time
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Zenmonk says
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*Ahem* Did you mean to use the past tense there, J?
- Author's History - 26 June, 2008
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