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Skype is on crack - 09 February, 2007
ZupaDupa says
My mom and grandfather have been complaining about Skype for a few days. They say there have been other people on the line from time to time. The others seem to hear what my mom and her father are talking, and the other way around. My grandfather said that when it happened the last time, Skype threw a warning dialog telling an error had occurred. Does anyone know what's going on?

I immediately started thinking that it might be because Skype is (according to what I've heard) transferring audio by the ways of P2P. But the audio should be encrypted, as well as everyhting else, right?
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CamouflageNoise says
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Wow, that's kind of bizarre. It's not like a phone line that can be picked up by another is it? I know that happens from time to time at work, we'll get calls directed towards another store. But I figure it's like transferring a sound file, and shouldn't be able to be downloaded by another. Unless I'm just totally off base with how Skype works.
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Scorcho says
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I recorded two podcasts using Skype yesterday, it seemed fine.
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Cappy says
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If they are talking Skype-to-Skype I don't see that it is possible unless they connected to someone else somehow. The connection is encrypted via UDP and it is Peer to Peer. I would assume someone just clicked something wrong. I just don't see anyway this would work unless skype P2Ped to someone else, either by user or server interaction.
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