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Movie Embedding - 08 February, 2007
Rathmaster says
Would it be possible to embed movies into profiles and group pages?
as in, embed a quicktime or wmp stream, or (and i dont even know if this is possible) stream youtube or google video? i dont know if it would work, or if people would want it, but i think it would be pretty darn cool
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Admin Jawad says
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Hey, it's certainly possible to embed streaming videos. But I don't think it is such a good idea to let people embed them straight in their profiles (might create that MySpace effect). How about something that lets people add their videos in a seperate page? For instance, if I like a video on YouTube; I could add it to my profile's video section simply by copy-pasting its links?
- 09 February, 2007
Ati says
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Yes, a special video page for the profiles would be very nice.

On a mostly unrelated note, could I just request once again an open whiteboard be added to threads? It would be extremely useful.
- 09 February, 2007