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Feature Request: New Topic Email Notifications - 19 June, 2007
QuantumBeep says
I'd love to get an email notification when a new topic is posted to Shuzak. It would help the scatter-brained among us to remember that Shuzak exists.

After all, I keep Gmail open all the time, but I have to go to Shuzak and visit the topic listing, then consult my dodgy memory to learn if any of the topics there are new to me.

I don't know if the hosting provider here frowns on mass emailings like that, but I sure would like to see that feature.
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Ati says
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Just a suggestion: if you add this, make it an opt-in system, as Shuzak emails get past my spam filters and clutter up my inbox as it is.
- Author's History - 19 June, 2007
Admin Jawad says
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Quantum, there is an RSS link that I use to keep track of all the posts and zaks on Shuzak. But if more people think this feature is necessary, then I will surely add it.
- Author's History - 20 June, 2007
zenmonk says
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RSS FTW! Long time subscriber.
- Author's History - 20 June, 2007
Joe says
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Anything that would help me not forget that Shuzak exists would be a plus. Oops!
- Author's History - 20 June, 2007