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Obama FTW!!! - 05 November, 2008
Zenmonk says
We've done it! Let the healing begin.
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Eclipse, Yue says
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Healing? Nigga stole my bike!
- Author's History - 06 November, 2008
Eclipse, Yue says
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also we have to wait for poss to say something like we're permanently fucked.
- Author's History - 06 November, 2008
dazelnut says
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get yer act together
great news though.
I was surprised there was no real election commentary on shuzak.

You're gonna have to start singing songs about how great america is now Poss, else record sales will slump.

P.S. eclipse, it's not called stealing, it's called 'redistributing'. down with the propetarian scum!
- Author's History - 06 November, 2008
Eclipse, Yue says
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Daze we could cure cancer, solve world hunger, and do it all for FREE and possman will still be like "america sucks"
better than being americas bitch though eh poss

Also I don't think anyone really cared about the elections enough to have a running thread going. hell I went out and watched movies.
- Author's History - 07 November, 2008
dazelnut says
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right on Eclipse.
I think that's the problem though; U(SA) probably COULD cure cancer and solve hunger, but the powah of the people don't wanna, or something similar.
by movie, obviously you mean mega-budget election campaign.

- Author's History - 09 November, 2008
Eclipse, Yue says
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. . . aaaactually I mean Zack and Miri Make a Porno
- Author's History - 09 November, 2008
poss says
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You ARE permanently fucked

A half white man, raised by an old southern white woman, who went to an ivy league school won the election. Woot!

Obama is a soft cushiony glove on the iron fist that is still rammed up our collective arses.

Things will continue to get worse under Obama, just as they would no matter which puppet sat in the oval office. He will provide the illusion of improvement, he will restore the veil over the rulers, obsfucate the vivid realism of our debt slavery. I wish the veil were not so opaque, but i am grateful for the glove, as my arse is really hurting.

That said, congratulations America, at least you didn't elect those other two harbringers of the apocolypse. I say all this, because my heart is too battered to accept kind words from someone in a position of power, it is always a trick, there is always a catch.

I do like him tho. Nice talky bits and a gleamy smile face, tall and lovable, down home and heartfelt. It really warms your heart. I even cried in the acceptance speech. Hell, if he walked up to me and asked me to die for him, I probably would.

I just don't trust it, no one gets to power without concessions. And America is not the stand out nation it once was or was fashioned to be, it is more shackled now than before it threw off its shackles, and all the entranced masses need is a man they can follow into the arms of doom.

- Author's History - 18 November, 2008
J3nnif3r says
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So what if I live in another country?
- Author's History - 29 November, 2008
marcus says
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yay we have a new figure head. like it matters, everyone acts like ronald mcdonald really runs the mcdonalds franchise. it means nothing that Obama is in I voted for him yes but will it do anything doubtful. he will make it sound better, and at least he sounds like his educational background goes farther than the 4th grade so vast improvement overall. but we are still fucked. =)
- Author's History - 11 December, 2008
(Guest) ThisISRevan says
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YO. forgot my password, so i cant log in for now but let me just say the opinions of a few people i am moderately well acquainted with-

1- "Obama has more expectations laid at his feet than any human being, except maybe Jesus."

maybe, but at least he isn't saying "all you need to do to get into heaven is pray". he knows it'll be a long hard road out of hell and that we'll have to work our asses off. he isnt saying "lets get back to how it was", that was mccain. he's saying "lets move on into the future" which we will, for better or worse. so basically he took the inevitable, and made it his platform. i guess it worked

actually thats the only opinion i have to comment on atm but

POSS i like that. "he is the soft cushiony glove on the iron fist that is still rammed up our collective arses"

hey, at least the fist doesnt hurt quite so much anymore.

now, who wants to be the lube that helps get the fist OUT...
- Author's History - 15 December, 2008
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@ marcus-
9 out of 10 rape-ees agree, bein raped in one hole's better than 3
- Author's History - 15 December, 2008
(Guest) Monica says
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hey guys, never seen this sight till now.
i'm only 17 but i have to agree with the past few comments.
the usa is in a whole whip of trouble.
that most people dont even know about or care to know about.
i hate all the ignorant assholes of my small town who dont
even want to know or care how this country or world is going to end up. i think obama has great plans for us. and yes its not going to be easy, and it'll never be like it was, but hopefully it wont be like it is now.
we'll never probably see it in our lifetime but you should look up The Venus Project, a whole new perspective on changeing our whole culture and ways. Its quite sootheing to read and dream and wish.
- Author's History - 27 February, 2009
uytko says
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just watch "the obama deception" on Y**tube or Dailymotion
and for the future ,for a better world, economy shouldn't rule the world and people should analyse the informations they receive ...

- Author's History - 17 April, 2009
Lacey says
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Still waiting lol
- Author's History - 31 December, 2009
astronomy says
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VICTORY FOR THE FORCE OF DEMOCRACY... now im gonna play video game 8D
- Author's History - 19 May, 2010
medicalrodent says
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well I live in Sweden where healthcare is free and its wonderful however this is working thanks to our tax money pretty much being accounted for penny by penny... and healthcare pretty much being run/supervised by the countys

anyway I am still not sure what the obama healthcare will be like could one of you americans care to give me a run down of it cause I have googled and could only find vague answers will this package mean that you will have to pay extra taxes and get top notch healthcare for everyone or will this mean crap healthcare forcing you to buy private insurance even though you are paying these increased taxes?

p.s sorry for my poor English it is not my first language
- Author's History - 15 November, 2010