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Artificial Intelligence Resources - 25 February, 2007
Cappy says
Introduction to Machine Learning:

Articles all about AI:

AI : Neural Network for beginners:

Marvin Minsky's Works (Theoretical Literature on Strong AI):

Also, anyone interested in Strong AI - I can't recommend highly enough the book "On Intelligence". Without a doubt, the best AI book I've read. Useful for beginner/novice/intermediate readers (maybe even advanced, but I'm not there so I don't know)

The most comprehensive material, especially for beginners, is in paperback books! If you're really interested in AI, don't forget to check offline for the sake of the Lords of Cobol (even if it costs you some $$$). Also, don't forget that your library probably has a program where you can request books from other libraries. Most people don't want to read about AI so those books are pretty hard to find in small libraries =P
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Cappy says
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I'm so awesome I did a double post.
- 25 February, 2007
Ati says
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I actually just read an article in wired about Jeff Hawkins.

Interesting stuff, but I don't know how well it'll work when it's scaled up.
- 25 February, 2007