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chanceOf($godExists > $conceptOfi) - 05 August, 2010
james.vince says
Let me just start by saying I do not believe god exists its just something to chew over.

Math is basis of which we base all factual law on. Physics (the law of the universe) is governed my math. In math there is a concept: I being the square route of -1.

Now we all know the the sqrt of -1 is illogical because its not NON (not a number (it's a concept)).

So the probability of god existing (as an entity not a concept) is greater than the sqrt of -1 existing (as an entity not a concept).

With that said gods existence being greater than that of a mathematical principle (baring in mind math is basis on which we hold all fact) means the probability of god existing is closer to 1 than 0 and the probability of the sqrt(-1) is closer to 0 than 1, meaning the existence of god is true and math is false.

Nah just messing with ya, it's a crock but mental bubble gum huh

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JIM says
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well son. Something exists. This set is not empty implies non triviality of something. Just crazy to thing about were we come from. how incredibly complex the human mind is and how little we do know. Can't wait until physics explains consciousness.

and complex numbers are used in quantum mechanics and they do come up with probabilities.
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