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Levy Flights simulation - 29 December, 2006

Ok what's a quick and dirty way to simulate levy flights? Especially in excel, if possible. I want to be able to create this graph (it is from the wikipedia entry, with 1,000 steps):

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alexv86 says
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You can map any probability distribution to the RAND() function in Excel, thus giving you the ability to generate random numbers according to any distribution you like.

The basics of what you have to do: first obtain the inverse function of the CDF of the distribution you want to use. The CDF has a domain of (let's say) [-x,x] (but in your case it will probably be infinite), and a range of [0,1]. The inverse will then have a [0,1] domain, and [-x,x] range. You now use the RAND() function (which generates numbers between 0 and 1 uniformly distributed), as the argument of the inverse function you've got. This will give you numbers distributed according to the CDF you used in the first place.

After that, you just need to graph I suppose... I haven't used Excel's graphing capabilities much (yet).
- 23 January, 2007