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All is One San Jose Ca
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# 8 Years IT management Experience
# 5 years of Technical project management
# Extensive systems experience in Enterprise IT Operational environments
# Skilled in network architecture including LAN/WAN and VPN design/implementation
# Very knowledgeable in system architecture and implementation Full redundancy, fault-tolerance, performance and high availability systems.
# Data Center Design (Actual Facilities Design)
# Project and Vendor Management
# Data Center Infrastructure Design and Project Management
Technology, Online Culture, Conspiracy
Technical Focus
I am a long time IT manager, I am a generalist in technology with a very broad range of knowledge. I lack a real deep technical skill level in any one thing due to my going into IT management very early. This was a mistake, but it has kept me interested in what I do as there is so much I have had the opportunity to work on.
Become proficient in Python
Launch my own company
Have an impact on the future of the web and technology
Hideous UI is pervasive online
Make the world a better place
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Hey Sam, I checked my gmail inbox but there was nothing there. I then checked another email that was supposed to forward my emails to the main inbox, and to my surprise, found both your emails there. ...(more - reply)