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I am a Brazilian Physicist.

I had recently read the following Nietzsche Sentence: "Happiness is a prison". I thought it was a strong sentence and then I memorized it, not because I had fully understood it, but because it was a nice sentence from a smart guy.

I could only apreciate it in a decent way, I supose, months later, in a moment when my intelectual skills were potentialized, i.e., one of those inspiration moments that can be induced, however in most of times it happens unexpectaly.

There I was, thinking about the money I ought to gain in order to pay some bills, when I realized the prison meaning Nietzsche had given to happiness. It, the happiness, exists only to keep us always wanting to go somewhere, to motivate ourselves in order to move, instead of becoming frozen. We always have hope in getting to somewhere, however, after we get, we immediately get another desire object that will bring us happiness. A completely happy person would frozen itself, as no one wants to be cast away from heaven. However that does not threats society“s funcionality, once everytime we find heaven we create almost intantanely another unreachable heaven and new hopes to reach it.

THis is what I consider a healthy way to admire someone else“s intelligent, recognnizement, cumplicity, idea identification, or at least understanding of the circunstances which had generated a determined opinion, instead of the classic "This dude is intelligent, let“s memorize that thing he had said", when we can clearly see a admiror limitation instead of a phenomenal quality of the admired person. As Schopenhauer had already pointed out, our observation tell us much about ourselves and little about the observed objects.

I really do understand a little better that point of view.

Oh yeah, one more thing. This analysis may seen a little bit egocentric, however putting together a world so alienating as this one with my human characteristic in seeing better the negative sides of something rather than the positive ones, voila, we have a egocentric oppinion.
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