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Male, 19
Religion: Tomism
Location: NY
Karma 203.8
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I aim to disassemble the human mind and reconfigure it to an unlikely, mechanical construct.

Male, 17
Religion: Atheist
Location: Ontario, Canada
Karma 219.199
[ Delete ]
I love Physics and Math. I am an Atheist, Free Thinker, Skeptic. I am a Libertarian. I'm a senior high school student.

Male, 21
Religion: Personal Beleif
Location: UK
Karma 153.2
[ Delete ]
H im a 21 year old multimedia designer just finishing off my degree, i have run my own company for the past 5 years, starting out as a web designer but progressing onto expert systems design and embed

joshua hatfield
Male, 20
Occupation amatuer
Location: huber bites, oh
Karma 936.359
[ Delete ]
hey, i'm josh. i love music, play guitar, work, and relax. but that's just the tip of the iceberg. i'm pretty damn optimistic. i like a lot of different things. i am ready for what come

Male, 22
Religion: Eh?
Location: Orlando
Karma 733.4
[ Delete ]
Okay, so this used to be a terribly long-winded description of me and what I like and other such nonsense. I got kinda bored of looking at it, though, so I've decided to replace it with another long-w

Karma 1
[ Delete ]

Male, 20
Religion: Curious
Location: USA
Karma 884.603
[ Delete ]
Silent protagonist with an odd lack of affiliations. Says interesting things sometimes. Probably better bring it along.