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on the hunt for geeks! ( 0 replies )
Hi Fellow Shuzak\'s. I am a geek looking for like minded geeks. My aunt is a tech recruiter here in SF. She has recruited me (read: flashed cash$$) to join in on some tech/geek social networking sights to pass on some info. She is looking for stellar Linux Sys Ads to work for Yahoo! Apple and a rad start-up called RockYou! Yes you read that right. If anyone knows someone who is looking or you are looking yourself...hit me up and I will give you her 411. Peace! ...Click Here | By Jenna
The Traitors Diary ( 10 replies )
Ok, I\'m finally doing it. The big jump. Vista to Linux. I know windows. I started on Dos, I\'ve worked my way up through 3.1, 95, 98,NT, 2000 and 2003 I had finally settled for a few years on XP, I felt comfortable and at home, I knew it inside out In fact, I knew it so well, I rose up through the IT support ranks unto that lofty goal of level three support officer. I can fix anything in XP, I am completely confident of that, even if it requ...Click Here | By poss
Linux Gaming ( 17 replies )
Ok, so I've been thinking of making the switch to Linux for a long time. I've tried many live cd's, all my software is open source and I really hate Microsoft. The problem is, games. As childish as it may seem, I love playing games, the shinier the better. My favourites at the moment are Dawn of War, Bioshock and Battlefield 2142. Linux just canít give me these games. In fact, from what Iíve heard, Linux doesnít do much more than Tux racer and a dozen old windows...Click Here | By poss
Microsoft patents sudo? ( 2 replies )
http://ubuntulinuxtipstricks.blogspot.com/2007/05/did-microsoft-just-patent-sudo.html This is a pretty funny story about a patent Microsoft made in 2000 that strangely resembles sudo. Of course, sudo first made it's way into BSD in 1985 and spread from there. I agree with the author of this that most likely Microsoft will just use this patent to say that Linux users are stealing from Microsoft again and threaten to sue....Click Here | By Joe
huzzah! first time boot ( 19 replies )
so a while ago about two days, I booted up with a live cd. I've used windows all my life, and am interested in linux but that was the first time i've ever seen it myself so that was pretty neat. I tried both ubuntu, and foresight, just to check them out and mess around n such. any of you remember your first times?...Click Here | By Eclipse, Yue
Sabayon Linux: relatively painless ( 6 replies )
I have a HP dv9000 laptop that I wanted to make the switch on, and I was having a hard time getting the graphics card and the wireless internet(broadcom sucks) working under Ubuntu, so I installed Sabayon Linux; Sabayon is a derivitave of Gentoo with XGL and AIGLX pre-installed, as well as some proprietary drivers. First Impressions: I have had Sabayon installed for a good 2 hours, the live DVD booted up just fine, but the installer would not work under it, so restarted and...Click Here | By Constantine
Superiority of source-based distros ( 15 replies )
This was mentioned in another thread. Do any of you guys use source-based distros (gentoo, slackware, etc) and know they're the best way to install your programs? I used to source all my stuff in Freebsd and I used gentoo for a short while. In Freebsd it took literally hours for programs like OOo, fluxbox, firefox. For things like gAIM it wasn't so long, but enough for me to pop up a web browser while doing it to see if there was alternatives to compiling. Haha. ...Click Here | By Tom
The Ubuntu Switch ( 12 replies )
So this is me checking in after a *week* of running Ubuntu. I have it running perfectly! I even have my favorite (and only) games running as well as in Windows! I can play Vendetta Online and Unreal Tournament 2004! I found out that gDesklets lag my games if they are running on the desktop but I can just close them before I play. I have sound working perfectly as well. Last time I tried Linux (over a year ago) I never could get my sound to use ALSA because of OSS apps. Now everyt...Click Here | By Cappy
Which distro for the desktop? ( 19 replies )
Now that my little brother got a graphics card twice as good as mine(!!) so he can play his Lego Star Wars on his own machine, I think I'm hoping to switch to Linux on my desktop too. I got experience on all the major distributions, but I find Debian as the only one usable for me. All the others somehow seem so sticky. I hate RPMs. I love DEBs. I don't know much about the TGZ or whatever Slackware and similar have, but I've heard Slackware doesn't take care of depencies for me. I ...Click Here | By ZupaDupa
For the love of tux ( 0 replies )
We need a picture added like http://www.ypok.com/img/2807/linux-penguin.jpg...Click Here | By Cappy
What about your X environment? ( 11 replies )
Topic post has been deleted by the author....Click Here | By

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