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on the hunt for geeks! ( 0 replies )
Hi Fellow Shuzak\'s. I am a geek looking for like minded geeks. My aunt is a tech recruiter here in SF. She has recruited me (read: flashed cash$$) to join in on some tech/geek social networking sights to pass on some info. She is looking for stellar Linux Sys Ads to work for Yahoo! Apple and a rad start-up called RockYou! Yes you read that right. If anyone knows someone who is looking or you are looking yourself...hit me up and I will give you her 411. Peace! ...Click Here | By Jenna
The Traitors Diary ( 10 replies )
Ok, I\'m finally doing it. The big jump. Vista to Linux. I know windows. I started on Dos, I\'ve worked my way up through 3.1, 95, 98,NT, 2000 and 2003 I had finally settled for a few years on XP, I felt comfortable and at home, I knew it inside out In fact, I knew it so well, I rose up through the IT support ranks unto that lofty goal of level three support officer. I can fix anything in XP, I am completely confident of that, even if it requ...Click Here | By poss
Linux Gaming ( 17 replies )
Ok, so I've been thinking of making the switch to Linux for a long time. I've tried many live cd's, all my software is open source and I really hate Microsoft. The problem is, games. As childish as it may seem, I love playing games, the shinier the better. My favourites at the moment are Dawn of War, Bioshock and Battlefield 2142. Linux just can�t give me these games. In fact, from what I�ve heard, Linux doesn�t do much more than Tux racer and a dozen old windows...Click Here | By poss
Microsoft patents sudo? ( 2 replies )
http://ubuntulinuxtipstricks.blogspot.com/2007/05/did-microsoft-just-patent-sudo.html This is a pretty funny story about a patent Microsoft made in 2000 that strangely resembles sudo. Of course, sudo first made it's way into BSD in 1985 and spread from there. I agree with the author of this that most likely Microsoft will just use this patent to say that Linux users are stealing from Microsoft again and threaten to sue....Click Here | By Joe
huzzah! first time boot ( 19 replies )
so a while ago about two days, I booted up with a live cd. I've used windows all my life, and am interested in linux but that was the first time i've ever seen it myself so that was pretty neat. I tried both ubuntu, and foresight, just to check them out and mess around n such. any of you remember your first times?...Click Here | By Eclipse, Yue
Sabayon Linux: relatively painless ( 6 replies )
I have a HP dv9000 laptop that I wanted to make the switch on, and I was having a hard time getting the graphics card and the wireless internet(broadcom sucks) working under Ubuntu, so I installed Sabayon Linux; Sabayon is a derivitave of Gentoo with XGL and AIGLX pre-installed, as well as some proprietary drivers. First Impressions: I have had Sabayon installed for a good 2 hours, the live DVD booted up just fine, but the installer would not work under it, so restarted and...Click Here | By Constantine
Superiority of source-based distros ( 15 replies )
This was mentioned in another thread. Do any of you guys use source-based distros (gentoo, slackware, etc) and know they're the best way to install your programs? I used to source all my stuff in Freebsd and I used gentoo for a short while. In Freebsd it took literally hours for programs like OOo, fluxbox, firefox. For things like gAIM it wasn't so long, but enough for me to pop up a web browser while doing it to see if there was alternatives to compiling. Haha. ...Click Here | By Tom
The Ubuntu Switch ( 12 replies )
So this is me checking in after a *week* of running Ubuntu. I have it running perfectly! I even have my favorite (and only) games running as well as in Windows! I can play Vendetta Online and Unreal Tournament 2004! I found out that gDesklets lag my games if they are running on the desktop but I can just close them before I play. I have sound working perfectly as well. Last time I tried Linux (over a year ago) I never could get my sound to use ALSA because of OSS apps. Now everyt...Click Here | By Cappy
Which distro for the desktop? ( 19 replies )
Now that my little brother got a graphics card twice as good as mine(!!) so he can play his Lego Star Wars on his own machine, I think I'm hoping to switch to Linux on my desktop too. I got experience on all the major distributions, but I find Debian as the only one usable for me. All the others somehow seem so sticky. I hate RPMs. I love DEBs. I don't know much about the TGZ or whatever Slackware and similar have, but I've heard Slackware doesn't take care of depencies for me. I ...Click Here | By ZupaDupa
For the love of tux ( 0 replies )
We need a picture added like http://www.ypok.com/img/2807/linux-penguin.jpg...Click Here | By Cappy
What about your X environment? ( 11 replies )
Topic post has been deleted by the author....Click Here | By

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