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Geeks who are artistic as well. I know you're out there somewhere here.

Art program/medium of choice ( 25 replies )
Well I think it's pretty self explanatory. Prefer pens? pencils? like to ink? computer? photoshop? Gimp? paint pro? I'm sure you get the idea....Click Here | By Yue
My schools new website layout ( 10 replies )
http://www.pratt.edu/ Its an art and design school what were they thinking the old layout was far superior it's horrible *cries*...Click Here | By Lee
Some of my work ( 6 replies )
I said I'd put up some of the stuff I've done so here it is: ...Click Here | By Scorcho
I go to art school ( 5 replies )
I'm a fashion design major. Not a super geeky major I keep doing tech support for people when their computers get messed up or when my teacher can't figure out how the TV works in the classroom. I love my non-geeky major but I do often wish there were more people around here who could relate to my geeky side....Click Here | By Lee


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