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History consists of a series of accumulated imaginative inventions.

God Bless America? ( 7 replies )
God Bless America? Perhaps. Perhaps he did bless us by allowing us to get through the early portion of our history, when any other country who did what we did would have been squashed like a bug. But is god still blessing America, or has he moved on? With the upcoming "birthday" of the United States (It's a whopping 231 years old. Yes I am aware countries in Europe have buildings older than that.), and everything that has happened since the turn of the 20th century (Great Depression, two world w...Click Here | By Bryan
what will remain ( 12 replies )
If humanity was wiped out tomorrow, or within the next thousand years. What will be left in 65 million years time? What traces of our civilisation will remain?...Click Here | By poss
You rfavorite historical even that never happened ( 7 replies )
Many of the most well-know historical anecdotes never happened - you know, "let them eat cake" and all that. What is your favorite oft-repeated bit of mishistory?...Click Here | By QuantumBeep
what would you have done differently? ( 26 replies )
If you could hold control of one decission in history, which one would you change?...Click Here | By poss
Ancient America? ( 2 replies )
Anyone interested in the Mayan / Incan / Aztec cultures? I find myself trying to learn more and more about them recently. I am facinated by their intellegence. Anyone hear about the year 2012? The Mayan calendar is the most correct calendar in all recorded history. They predicted, and believed, that in the year 2012 the world would come to an end. Usually I dont pay attention to things like this.. because come on, who could predict the world ending on a cert...Click Here | By Lacey
the most important moment in history. ( 22 replies )
Is there one moment that is more important than all the others? is there one that stands out? which moment defines the world for you, or even just defines your world?...Click Here | By poss
History of virtual communities ( 2 replies )
Hi. Would anyone here know how to find resources on the internet that could help me with my dissertaion 'virtual communities'. I need to find primary qualitive material from communities on M.U.Ds A.R.P.Anet Usenet and of cource the Internet. Any ideas?...Click Here | By Matty
What if the battle of Waterloo was not lost? ( 9 replies )
The french army was quite sure they would win the battle of Waterloo. Had the french taken control over the British in this key battle, the Prussians would've been left encircled by Napoleon's army and his right flank. [image]http://www.livgenmi.com/gardiner87.jpg[/image] However, Napoleon had more than one enemy to worry abouth. The Spanish and Russians were on their way as well. The question is this, [b]was Napoleon's demise inevitable?[/b]...Click Here | By Admin Jawad


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