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The Future according to the prophet Poss - 16 September, 2008
poss says
Obama is hog tied, the united States can no longer stay solvent without the backing of the military industrial complex and the banks that fund it. If he actually tried to change anything significant, the US would collapse. Overnight.

When Obama is elected, it will maintain the illusion of choice in the eyes of the American public. The wind will be taken from the sails of the american dissidents. When obama goes to war it will be with words strong enough to convince you it needs doing.

In a few years things will be bad for the american people, the cost of living will have raised massively. The price of the energy will have reduced the average standard of living, police will have even more sweeping powers, food will be expensive, so poor people will get fatter, less able to resist.

after a term or two, people will be ready for "change" again, big change. Anything will be justifiable to bring back cheap energy and food. And so they will elect another republican, one who believes in god, who knows how hard it is for the common man, one who knows who to blame, one who is prepared to fight for the survival of the American way of life. Prepared to fight a war in the holy land, and to the ends of the world of the world, for the last of God's black gold.

So it is predicted, so it shall be. you have been warned.

They are called the left and the right wings, but they belong to the same war hawk.
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poss says
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Also, there will be a great disease in the world, a pandemic.

I just wanted to post this topic, so it is on the public record.

I saw this shit coming, so don't you dare say no one could have known.
- Author's History - 16 September, 2008
Eclipse, Yue says
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useless without a time frame
- Author's History - 16 September, 2008
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