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Philosophers have sought to understand the world. The point, however, is to CHANGE IT.

Why poor countries are poor ( 1 replies )
A well thought out analysis Here: http://www.reason.com/news/show/33258.html This is why revolutions that should happen, don't....Click Here | By zenmonk
Politicians ( 9 replies )
Do you agree, or disagree with the following statement? Why? "The primary difference between a politician and a thief is the degree of style with which they rob you. Now, a thief will just just your money (and perhaps kill you while he's at it). But a politicians entirely different. Not only will a politician take your money, but he will [i] charge you for giving it to him [i] , and then tell you with a straight face that it's your civic duty t...Click Here | By Ati
Democratic Transhumanists? ( 4 replies )
I was wondering if there are any trans humanists on shuzak? Preferably democratic (social democrat) transhumanists but I would like to meet extropians, upwingers, post humanists, futurists, and everyone in between! ...Click Here | By Ben
Science In The News - Do Speed Cameras Reduce Deaths On The Road ( 35 replies )
For my practice courcework I was asked to answer this questiono speed cameras reduce deaths on the road? I think the answer is no and have got lots on information to back me up on this. I was wondering what you thought. ...Click Here | By J3nnif3r
US democratic debates ( 1 replies )
did you watch them? what did you think?...Click Here | By jared.nance
The DRM Debate ( 5 replies )
Users, as a rule, hate DRM and the usage restrictions it creates. Content developers, on the other hand, justifiably need some form of assurance that the content they spend millions of dollars to create and promote will generate a profit. DRM is obviously a poor method of protecting intellectual property, since it both deprives users of fair use privileges, and fails to protect the content from determined pirates. The abject failure of AACS is only the most recent and visible exam...Click Here | By QuantumBeep
United State of Socialist? ( 27 replies )
Barak said that he will tax the rich . Do you think this is a step toward socialism like some believe, or do you think it's a step to catch up other countries?...Click Here | By Bryan
George Orwell: "Good Writer" or Propagandist? ( 32 replies )
Ever wonder why two of George Orwell's novels (Animal Farm and 1984) are in the "approved"/compulsory reading lists for high school students throughout the English-speaking world? Certainly ...Click Here | By RedStar
Euthanasia ( 21 replies )
Mercy or murder?...Click Here | By poss
The divided left ( 14 replies )
why does it appear that the left wing is divided while the right wing stand united on most issues?...Click Here | By poss
anarcho communism ( 62 replies )
any questions for redstar?...Click Here | By poss

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