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Free culture - 19 February, 2011
plutokid says

I am thinking of enhancing the free available ressources on wikiversity. Currently there exist podcast courses of MIT, Yale, Berkeley with creative license.

On the other hand there is also the project wikiversity & wikibooks. I think it is worth to think about review and translation of the stuff.

The problem is an essential public good problem. There are common solution to provide public goods without goverment: assurance contracts, lottery for example.

If I compare it with the production of Open Source Software there exists market oriented solution like future markets.

What do you think ?

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dne010104 says
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Well, i think that education at least in the future would be on the cloud, without teachers goverments saves money..
In some developing countries education is gived by television
Currently wikibooks and wikiverisity are in construction but still are very good places to learn stuff of all nature.. I only have doubt of the fact that everybody would learn in that way..
In every school there are nerds, and people who only heat the chair.....(in europe in america should be different but at least in my country things are likelihood as i have described)

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