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The Dark Knight (Whose seeing it thread) - 07 July, 2008
Eclipse, Yue says
so it comes out (here) the eighteenth. I am curious to see who all will be seeing it.
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poss says
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maybe, at least he looks liek a bitter hard arse this time around.

But i am worried about ruinning my fond memories of Heath Ledger, or getting sad thinking about it.
- Author's History - 07 July, 2008
CamouflageNoise says
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My mother said the same thing about Heath Ledger. She was even mad that they were even putting the movie out with him in it. I think, if anything, seeing him give one of the best performances of his life (if all the early reviews are accurate) and possibly winning a posthumous Oscar for a role in a comic book movie would be the best possible cure for that malady.

To answer the thread question, yes, I will definitely be seeing this one. It's been at the top of my list for movies that I have to see this summer, with WALL-E being a close second behind it. I'm going to even try to see it in an IMAX theatre, which means driving 2 1/2 hours somewhere.
- Author's History - 08 July, 2008
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