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5 Questions - 26 September, 2007
poss says
If you encountered a Supreme Being, either holy or alien (who could really tell anyway?), and they allowed you 5 questions for which you would get completely true answers. What would you ask? and why?
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Ati says
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Was the universe created, if so, by whom/what?

Is there a grand unifying physical theory, if so, what?

Is there other intelligent life, if so, how much?

What is the most important thing that the human race as a whole could know at this point?

Do you take interns?

- Author's History - 26 September, 2007
poss says
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that looks like eight questions to me ati but definately some good ones
- Author's History - 26 September, 2007
plutonium11 says
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Do I have freewill?

Why am I here?

What is the reason for the universe?

Who created you(Supreme Being)?

Where do I go when I die, if I go anywhere at all?
- Author's History - 27 September, 2007
(Guest) Guest says
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1.) Why do we ask so many questions?
2.) Why don't we strive to understand the questions rather than the answers?
3.) Why does the human brain work in such binary ways to contemplate the universe?
4.) Does human intelligence consist of any real meaning or does it just serve as a bigger mathematical model for understanding the universe?
5.) Aren't questions rather infinite but answers rather simplistic and illusory?
- Author's History - 28 September, 2007
Eclipse, Yue says
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I only need two.

1. what the hell were you smoking?
2. Can I have some?
- Author's History - 03 October, 2007
poss says
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mmm smoking gods stash... yue, i like the way you think
- Author's History - 03 October, 2007
QuantumBeep says
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1. Why turbulence?

2. Why chaos?

3. Am I really missing anything on some "higher" level?

4. Is anything worth caring about?

5. That was a very big bullet, and it seems to have made a big hole in you. Sorry about that. Are you feeling OK?
- Author's History - 04 October, 2007
Ati says
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Nice ones QB.
- Author's History - 04 October, 2007