Introducing Recent Features
Developing a great social network demands sustained improvements in user experience. It is the contributions of people that makes a social network popular and useful. Therefore, for the sake of improving user experience, it is vital to provide whatever tools necessary to facilitate collaborative intelligence. As a social network, we will never be satisfied with the average, and continuously push ourselves forward. The following is a summary of few of the innovations introduced on Shuzak within less than two months. We are by no means stopping here, so stick with us as we grow stronger and better.

We would personally like to thank everyone who made Shuzak possible and those who continue to put their energy and faith into it.

Making Tags Easier to Use
Users get confused when it comes to tagging content since there are no set standards. For instance, YouTube requires that we leave space between tags. While Shuzak requires that we place commas between the tags. In order to fix this problem, Shuzak now visually displays individual tags. Moreover, Shuzak automatically places commas between tags even when the person mistakenly forgets to use them.
Tagging on Shuzak

Post to Multiple Communities
Before the introduction of this feature, users were restricted to post topics in a single community. This feature lets people post the same topic in multiple communities. For instance, now someone posting in "Arch Linux" can also get their topic to appear on "Linux" community.
Post to Multiple Communities

RSS Feed
Within the past three years, RSS has become a prominent source of syndicated news for geeks. For Shuzak this means that a user can keep track of new/interesting topics and their personal messages simply by parsing the RSS feed to their syndicator of choice.

Add Videos
The online video market reached new heights with the rise of internet startup, YouTube. Shuzak adds a social element to YouTube by allowing its users to easily display their favorite YouTube videos on their profiles.

Talk Binary
What is a geek social network without some geeky code? Shuzak has support for 12 programming language, including php, javascript, C++, ruby, python, xml etc.

Related Content
Often times users mistakenly create duplicate topics. This feature facilitates users by finding related topics (or communities) before creating their own.

Keep up with your friends
Shuzak will make your life a tad bit more enjoyable by providing you the tools to participate in the communities your friends are posting in. So far, this tool has not only resulted in great content, but also built stronger bonds among friends.

Communicate using Mathematics
This is one of the most endorsed feature on Shuzak. Mathematicians have always had a hard time communicating ideas in plain text; so to make their life a little better, we integrated a feature that lets them compose beautiful mathematical equations:

Private Messages and Instant Previews
Any message posted in your zakbook is publicly viewable by all members. While this livens up the network, it also imposes threat to your privacy. Well, not anymore; you may now send private messages to other members. Furthermore, to assist you in composing messages, Shuzak also offers an "Instantly Preview" option. As the name suggests, it gives an instant preview of your post before submitting it. This is extremely useful for people typing sophisticated code or mathematical equations:

Do you have any suggestions for us?
Do you have suggestions on how to make Shuzak geekier, friendlier and more fun? Feel free to share with us your ideas and we will do our best to implement them :)
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