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Where the romping jesus is the Shuzak IRC Channel? ( 3 replies )
Seriously, where is it? I can't find it. ...Click Here | By QuantumBeep
I hate Sony ( 19 replies )
Just to tell you how horribly gruesome Sony is, I hate Sony with a passion normally reserved for people who make fun of dramatic scenes at the movie theater and animals that poo on my food. That's how horribly horrible Sony is. Poop on the food! They have only one design technique: cram as many useless features into a product as possibly, tie in several Sony-owned formats, assemble the device using the cheapest components possible, then find creative ways to interfere with free en...Click Here | By QuantumBeep
Telemarketers ( 19 replies )
There's a lady - let's call her Sam - who has been calling me every two days or so for the past six months. She wants to sell me credit-card processing for my business. I'm tired of hearing from her, but after this long I almost hate to tell the dumb freak that I'm just not ever going to buy her product. How do you deal with people trying to sell you things over the phone?...Click Here | By QuantumBeep
What's your alignment? ( 23 replies )
Good vs. Evil, Order vs. Chaos, locked in eternal struggle for dominance. Anyone familiar with D&D; or the works of Michael Moorcock (Eternal Champion milieu) is familiar with the concept, so where do you fall in this classification scheme? Where do you think other people fit in?...Click Here | By Zenmonk
The problem of evil ( 27 replies )
Psychologist seem to go all mealy-mouth when discussing people who have done evil acts, claiming that even those who have done horrible acts, can change. Is that true. I read recently about a man who is condemned to death for raping a 10 year old girl. He apparently bragged to a friend that he had "made a lady out her today." Evidently his belief system was clear enough: it is okay to have sex with a child; it is good for her in some way; his pleasure supercedes the pain he caused; girls exi...Click Here | By jerryatrics
The Church of the Ultimate Naked Truth ( 9 replies )
http://mwillett.org/church-of-ultimate-naked-truth.htm The floor is open for comments....Click Here | By QuantumBeep
Secondary test post, different group ( 1 replies )
Let's try it again!...Click Here | By QuantumBeep
Alternate History Involving Terminator Slinkies ( 7 replies )
Project: Write a short story (five paragraphs tops) about a true event that would have been vastly different/better/more interesting if a Terminator Slinky were involved. Alternate: Post a photo/artwork of an actual event, with a Terminator Slinky added (A Terminator Slinky looks just like an ordinary slinky, except with death). It doesn't have to be perfect - just grab a good picture off of Google and stick it where you think it belongs....Click Here | By QuantumBeep
Destructive/Constructive emotions ( 21 replies )
i have decided to boil all emotions down to this: Destructive Emotions: hate depression anger fear sadness lust Constructive Emotions joy love sanguinity trust exuberance peace now some might categorize these emotions as instead of constructive and destructive, as good and bad, or even evil and divine, but there is no such thing as good and bad. everything is in the ey...Click Here | By Re(V)aN
Sexual Promiscuity ( 26 replies )
Is there anything wrong with extramarital sex? What about pornography? Some people define their sexual morals based on their religious views; I'm only familiar with the Christian perspective on this. Are there any other faiths that would like to share? For myself, I'm not a man of faith, and my perspective is, "It's just... a dick. Who cares?" What about you?...Click Here | By QuantumBeep
Most Evil Corporation Ever? ( 31 replies )
I've been reading a lot of news articles lately about patent trolls patenting obvious inventions to collect legal/patent fees from companies. That pisses me off. Then I read several cases of companies suing governments and institutions for "failure to choose the most suitable product", namely theirs. That's got to be the most infuriating thing I've ever seen. I wish there was a legally workable means to throw these people in prison for a long, long time. Yesterday, ...Click Here | By QuantumBeep

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