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the lovers, the dreamers and me.

Lady Autumn ( 2 replies )
Lady Autumn Lady Autumn paid a visit, This end of summer�s noon. Lady Autumn paid a visit; She�ll be leaving soon. Lady Autumn has a first name - A name I cannot tell Lady Autumn has a first name You know it very well. When she walked across my gate, My roses fell en masse. When she walked across my gate, A shadow fell upon the grass. She came and knocked against my door,...Click Here | By Ati
The Key ( 8 replies )
I turn on the news, but it won't turn on nothings true the stories gone they distill all of reality into a sound bite and all of me into the things i like life is here to be enjoyed and when we die or when we're born energy is not created or destroyed it only changes form So i just start laughing at the screen because as hard as it seems its just part of a dream...Click Here | By p0ss
Valentines day poem. ( 38 replies )
I walk down halls of shattered light, Leaping, dashing, caught midflight. A cold mist - fear, seeps into my bones; I am lost, utterly alone. Beauty falls, gold sunlit rain. Raining on in mirth, tinged with pain. And at the end, my love waits for me... Waiting to see, to see what I can see. What do you guys think? It still needs some minor revisions, but I'm pretty happy with it. Any of you folks fany youre...Click Here | By Ati


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