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Discussions on the study, modeling, and theories of the (animal, human, universal) brain and consciousness as an interdisciplinary whole.

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robot insects using collaborative intelligence ( 5 replies )
I have spoken at length with Jawad about the purpose of shuzak, and he frequently mentioned collaborative intelligence, After seeing this article, i knew it belonged here. Its al labout intelligent insect swarms, that communicate with their neighbours directly to achieve the overall goal. Do you think This kind of collaborative ...Click Here | By poss
Brain modding - a homebrewer's guide. ( 11 replies )
Many people have seen the commercial brain interface systems like brain gate, but have been put off by the high price tag and extensive surgery required. Fortunately, an enterprising homebrewer can achieve the same effects for a fraction of the cost*, and all without ever coming within sight of annoying medical supervision** Project difficulty: Expert/Suicidal-depressive For this project, the materials you'll need are as follows: HARDWARE:...Click Here | By Ati
Would you choose to erase a single memory? ( 24 replies )
Or even several pesky ones that have been rattling around for years? Joseph LeDoux and his team of scientists at New York University, claim to be able to erase a single memory via administration of an experimental drug. In theory, the drug works by inhibiting connections between neurons when a memory is being retreived and/or updated. So to lose the memory, you must re-experience the event vividly while under the influence of the drug. So would you do it?...Click Here | By zenmonk
The teenage years - An artifical construct? ( 10 replies )
In this article, a scientist argues that we are dumbing down our youth by creating 'teenage years' that do not exist biologically. http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/index.php?term=pto-4311.html I'll post my own views on the subject in a little while. Discuss. ...Click Here | By Ati
Pyramidn schemes, neurons, and uploading ( 11 replies )
Allright, while I'm stuck in a trend of really weird but kind of cool ideas, here's another one for all of you: A method of uploading that applies pyramid schemes to the central nervous system. The idea, in it's essence, is simple enough - apply some research to figure out how to program individual neurons to do certain tasks, then simply choose a neuron at random, and give it the following program: (in psuedo-code) 1. Pass this mess...Click Here | By Ati
A simple hack ( 50 replies )
Hello everyone, this is just an idea that occured to me a little while ago as a reasonably feasible cognitive augmentation that could be accomplished in the near future (i.e. as soon as I have enough money). The idea is fairly simple, to the extent that I am worried that I may have been pre-empted (so forgive me if this has allready be conceived. The idea is simple enough- a small, high-fidelity mic is implanted into the soft tissue of the throat, next to the laryn...Click Here | By Ati
Cortex emulation ( 32 replies )
Topic post has been deleted by the author....Click Here | By Ati
good news guys ( 3 replies )
i just switched my majors today, and I'm officially in the Cognitive Science B.S. program. ill be like the 25th person to graduate with this degree from the uni. pretty cool. it's going to be a little tough catching up (i switched majors as a sophomore) but it looks like it'll be a fun ride. i also get to choose my last set of classes to give my degree a "focus". I'm thinking either more artificial intelligence or high-level linguistics. im pretty excited. ...Click Here | By Tom
Douglas Hofstadter ( 2 replies )
Just came out with a new book Strange Loops. Still find Godel, Escher, Bach facinating - too old? ...Click Here | By Zed
Collective subjective perspective entities ( 4 replies )
groups of people developed shared perspectives, could a perspective become and independant being? is this possible? can it be achieved? If we had developed sufficent computing capacity that we could scan every movement, every particle and pulse, of brains. And if we then monitored groups of people and their interactions, could we combine their collective memory with an averaged nueral path history map of the group, to develop an independant conciousness? ...Click Here | By poss
Very cool: Blue Brain Project ( 17 replies )
10,000 cpu's linked together, modelled after neurons inside the brain of a rat. They based it off a very primitive piece of a brain found in most animals (including us). http://www.spiegel.de/international/spiegel/0,1518,druck-466789,00.html They hope to achieve human brain capacity by 2015. Wish them luck. ...Click Here | By Tom

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