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Does an ambulance leave with no sirens if the patient is dead? - 10 September, 2008
poss says
Last night there was a horrific accident outside my house. literally directly outside my front door. A motor bike rider did not stop at an intersection and was hit side on by an oncoming car. his helmet was not strapped on and was thrown off by the impact. He was dragged 30 meters up the road with the bike on top of him. Bystanders had to drag the still running bike off him, put a blanket over him and comfort him until the ambulance arrived. There was lots of blood, particularly around his head. He was groaning imcomprehensibly and twitching. When the ambulance arrived he was still responding to stimulus, groaning/screaming when they touched him. The medics got him onto a stretcher with a neck brace and put him the ambulance.

The ambulance did not leave. It stayed there and they worked on him for five or ten minutes. I heard a medic tell a police officer that he had sustained "mutiple serious wounds". through the window we could see them using the electric paddles(diffibrulator?). After ten minutes the ambulance turned off its lights and left. slowly.

Did I just see someone die?
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(Guest) RJG says
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Without knowing where the accident took place, I would say yes. Here in Australia, ambulances leave slowly with lights and sirens off as a mark of respect when the patient hasn't survived.
- Author's History - 10 September, 2008
poss says
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Well, i'm in Australia. Thank you
- Author's History - 10 September, 2008
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