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Euthenasia - 27 August, 2008
Eclipse, Yue says
I was browsing digg a few days ago, and I came across
this article when I realized:
I'm pretty sure we've never had a discussion on this topic (topic being Euthenasia) so. you know. start discussing it!
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poss says
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If someone is sane and in agony, the choice is theirs.
- Author's History - 27 August, 2008
(Guest) says
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I'm personally for voluntary euthanasia in relatively 'fair and balanced' societies.

To people who say that euthanasia devalues life: I think that in many circumstances, forced continuation of an excruciatingly painful, and hopeless(?) existence devalues an active and enjoyable life. Devalues that which (maybe) makes life worth living.
Which is not to say that life shouldn't have suffering at all. Just not be an utter meaningless and choice-less hell.

As for sanity, c'mon, those nutters have been declaring me sane all my life (though there have been a few sly suggestions to the contrary)!
- Author's History - 27 August, 2008
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