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Increasing Human Intelligence - 11 May, 2009
otto9otto says
There are many ways of maintaining, and increasing, human intelligence. Here are a few of the methods I am familiar with:
1. Aerobic exercise
2. Consuming a combination of uridine, choline, and fish oil.
3. Consuming acetyl L-carnitine arginate.
4. Playing "Dual N-Back".
5. Consuming gotu kola.
6. Consuming turmeric.
7. Consuming cannabis.

I am interested in what other think of these, as well as other methods of cognitive enhancement.
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otto9otto says
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I forgot one more brain-healthy practice: calorie restriction.

Curcumin, the active constituent of turmeric, is poorly absorbed. It is best consumed in the middle of a meal that contains fat.
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otto9otto says
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More on brain games. Just google the term "n-back". There are LOTS of free sites on the 'net to play this wonderfully beneficial game. I am personally up to getting an occasional perfect score on dual 5-back.

More on aerobic exercise and neural plasticity.

Also check out bacopa monieri, huperzine, rosemary, idebenone, avoid obesity, and minimize alcohol. Oh yeah: more on cannabis.
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