Jawad Shuaib Self-proclaimed Web 2.0 Expert
The worth of ideas
June 23, 2006
Most programmers design while they code, in doing so, they engage themselves in a brainstorming session developing theoretical solutions to problems itching their brain cells. Random ideas generate in my head while I am focused coding. The geek_entrepreneur's conventional approach to these random ideas is that they are essentially useless. It is easier said than learned; but yes, ideas are worthless. Unless, steps are taken to put them at work..

When I started programming my first commercial application, I kept adding countless potential features and turned it into a never ending coding story. Along the way, another idea struct me and I changed my course towards it instead. By now, I am almost finished coding its main functions.

Here's how I approach this issue: Don't be hesitant to make sharp turns along the way. If you have a better more marketable and practical idea, by all means pursue it. Keep the scope of the project limited initially. Make the decision to add more features only after primary work has been finished. Don't add Save As to menu before coding Save. This seems common sense, but is rarely practiced. Plan ahead, but keep the end in mind when you do so. Note to self: when an idea pops up, don't shove it under the carpet, explore it.

Ideas are not wortless. Failing to implement them makes them so.