Jawad Shuaib Self-proclaimed Web 2.0 Expert
To see things in the seed, that is genius - Lao Tzu
June 10, 2006

When you work under someone else, you are making about a fraction of the amount that your employer is. This is necessary for any profitable business to work or no one would go about starting a venture in the first place. Working at a minimum wage of $7 is likely to return your employer thrice as much in revenues. So in reality, you are actually losing $14 (7 x 3 - 7) an hour for the time you spend flipping burgers. Tired of watching my family's typical 9 to 5 job, around September 11th 2005, when Nadii left for Dubai, I began working on my first commercial product.

I figured that this is probably the best age to take risks. I have nothing to lose but time, which of course, we teenagers care little about anyway. So if you can work 8 hours at McDonalds to make your boss some $$$, why not work on something you love, build it, sell it and watch the money pour in. If you fail, try again.

So I began my journey with $0 savings. Did some software consultancy work, saved some cash to cushion my losses and began preparing to code, market and sell. My goal is to have a primary product out by March 2006.

This blog will, hopefully, crystalize my thoughts as the journey continues.