Jawad Shuaib Self-proclaimed Web 2.0 Expert
The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in war.
June 23, 2006

I mentioned earlier that long projects tend to demotivate people. For instance, I am sure many of us would have dropped out of kindergarten if we knew it would take 18 years to achieve a friggin piece of paper. If you can read this, you probably didn't take that path. Winning one battle at a time won us that war.

While I still have your attention, I will explain how I have decided to enter the micro-ISV market. Instead of working my ass off on a project that would take forever (> 6 months) to finish, I will instead start small. I will keep the long term goal to develop the larger product in perspective while I develop a small scaled product. By small, I mean releasing a product that has a smaller market but faster to actually develop. I am done the actual designing phase and predict it will take about a week to finish coding it. I hope that I can put a presentable product out for the world wide web by New Year's eve.

My profits off this product will be low, but there are far more valuable lessons I hope to learn off it. These lessons would make my ride to success smoother and more predictable the next time I develop a product. Here's a list of things I expect to learn:

-Web Analytics
-Marketing strategies
-Public Relations
-Blog exposure
-Pay Per Click advertisements
-E-Commerce store - paypal account
-Web Hosting/Domain Registration
-Installation Package
-Customer Service

Hopefully, releasing a smaller product first will prepare me for greater battles ahead.