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There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow ( 2 replies )
I recently finished listening to Cory Doctorow's recently podcast novella "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow/Now is the Best Time of Your Life". The story takes place in an early post-singularity world - the protagonist and narrator is a genetically modified immortal, and the course of the story finds him trying again and again to hang on to some shred of the world that passes him by too quickly (as an immortal, he ages slowly). At one point in the second insta...Click Here | By zenmonk
Harry Potters = Satanism? ( 16 replies )
http://www.exposingsatanism.org/harrypotter2.htm I do believe that the above link is either the crudest piece of idiocy, or the most brilliant piece of satire that I have ever read. So what's your vote? Joke or madness?...Click Here | By Ati
2 B R 0 2 B ( 14 replies )
Got ten minutes to read a good story? Check this out. Then tell me what you think....Click Here | By QuantumBeep
The Balloon... ( 24 replies )
Choose a favourite character out of a book. Imagine that this character is in a hot air balloon, along with everyone else's character in this topic. The balloon is too heavy - someone has to be thrown out. In one paragraph or less, state why you should stay in the balloon. Then when everyone's character has stated their reason, each person can vote for another persons character to stay. The character with the most votes wins, and the character with the least votes is 'thrown out o...Click Here | By Hannah
A shout-out to Hitchhikers! ( 30 replies )
I keep noticing little dropped references to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy from many of you. How many Douglas Adams fans do we have here? I suggest that a "geek" could be defined as someone who finds those books disablingly funny. ...Click Here | By QuantumBeep
Recommended to me: 1984 ( 12 replies )
This was recommended to me by my best friend. I'm not the reader type but has anyone else read this book? It was written by George Orwell and released in 1949. I'm going to buy a copy myself then I'm recommending it based by the ...Click Here | By Josh
Your favorite author / Your least favorite published author ( 57 replies )
Do you love to read a good book? Tell us about your favorite writer, and what you like about his work OR Tell us about the author you love to hate. Do horror thrillers set you off on a tangent? Does Harlequin fill the world with rubbish? Do you think hard science fiction is intellectual onanism? Tell us what you think!...Click Here | By QuantumBeep
hardover, or softcover? ( 26 replies )
any reason why? or do you prefer pdf's or whatever? for your books i mean...Click Here | By Eclipse, Yue


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