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This is where you can talk about those amazing eppisodes of CSI, CSI:NY, CSI:MIAMI, NCIS, Grey's Anatomy, Law and Order:Criminal Intent, Law and Order:Special Vitims Unit, BONES and many more! *Grins*

Twilight Zone ( 24 replies )
You remember it. The black and white image. The music that gets stuck in youe head for hours. The weird guy with a funny voice who nobody seems to notice standing in their living room. The archaic special effects. So, does the Twilight Zone have any fans on Shuzak? What do you think of all of the spinoffs? (The outer limits, tales from the dark side, amazing stories, etc.)...Click Here | By Ati
Story :) ( 18 replies )
This has nothing to do with late night TV but I'm too lazy to make another community. A while ago I wrote the beginning of a story to get over writers block. I never finished it. I was wondering if you could help....Click Here | By J3nnif3r
David Letterman ( 5 replies )
Is he funny, or is just that i am tired that i keep watching. *straitens his tie* *ba dum ching!*...Click Here | By poss
House MD ( 16 replies )
Soo...Where are all the House lovers? Come and swarm and my feet...Yes you swarm......Click Here | By J3nnif3r
Random Movie on Wednesday ( 15 replies )
The Rookie (Film) Time - 21:00 - 23:25 (2 hours and 25 minutes long) When - Wednesday 25th April on five Hard-hitting action film about a veteran police officer forced to break in a new young partner while trying to bust an international stolen-car ring. When the veteran cop is kidnapped by the crooks, it falls upon the hot-headed rookie to save the day, putting into practice everything the old pro has taught him. (1990, 1 ...Click Here | By Hannah
Bones ( 20 replies )
Although I don't have Sky and Bones is on Sky One, my Mother bought the DVD of the first season. I began to love it and found that Hannah watched it on Sky (EVIL HANNAH HAS SKY *Scowls*) so anyway...Brennan on Booth should SOOOOO have smex.......Click Here | By J3nnif3r
NCIS ( 134 replies )
NCIS is brilliant and funny....and sad.... WATCH IT NOW!!! ....... *smiles*...Click Here | By J3nnif3r


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