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This is kinda get together place for all Software Developers @ Shuzak
To Discuss any related issues ,
that could be from mozilla plugins to Device Drivers
or .Net to Java or C++
PHP or Perl or Python
or very lovely old VB too.

Open Source Developer ( 1 replies )
Hello, Are you an Open Source developer ?...Click Here | By plutokid
Evolving drivers ( 3 replies )
A few days ago, I was watching that old video of Bill gated getting the BSOD when trying to connect a printer to a windows machine during a tech demo. And I was sitting there thinking, 'Why the hell does this sort of thing happen?'. I mean, if you think about it, biological systems simply do not have this problem. Different brain regions, even ones that have been radically changed by damage still interface with each other perfectly, given a bit of time t...Click Here | By Ati
Passing arguments in Object Oriented Programming ( 3 replies )
I have the impression that passing around some piece of data to nearlly all subroutines in some package is an antipattern in OPP. I need some good refference articles on that subject - so that I can use them to build some argumentation in an online discussion. Can anyone help me?...Click Here | By zzbbyy


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