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Formatting Content
bold underline italic link image highlight
[b] [u] [i] [link=] [image] [h]

- To make text bold, italic, underlined, or highlighted enclose the text in [b], [i] and [u] accordingly. i.e My [b]name[/b] is [u][i][h]Jawad[/h][/i][/u]

- To link to another webpage, use [link=]This is a link to the webpage[/link]

- You may add images by enclosing the image link with the [image][/image] tag.

Adding Smileys
:) :( :s :x :p
;) :D 8)

- To add smileys to your text, just use the above characters. For example use this character :) to create this smiley

Insert YouTube Videos

Due to the popularity of, we decided to allow YouTube videos on Shuzak. As with other tags, you simply enclose the video's link between [youtube][/youtube] tags. Just copy and paste the url between these two tags and you are done!